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Recognizing Signs of Suicide in Teenagers

Teenagers are not infrequently faced with a variety of challenging problems. This can lead to violence against yourself, including suicide attempts. Although these actions are carried out secretly, but there are signs of teenage suicide attempts that can be recognized. World Health Organization (WHO) noted that every 40 seconds, there is one death victim caused by suicide, including from teenagers. There are many factors that can trigger these actions, generally starting from problems in life that cause psychological disorders such as depression, even drug abuse. Family problems, the burden of education, to harassment in cyberspace (cyberbullying) also increases the risk of suicide among adolescents. Signs of Teenagers Who Want To Conduct Suicide Attempt A teenager who wants to commit suicide will usually show unusual movements, such as: Talking about and thinking about death. Draw or write about death. Give personal items to others. Cover yourself from family members and clo
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How the Ear Works and Other Functions Holding it

The way the ear works is not as simple as it looks. To carry out the function as the sense of hearing, the ear will capture the surrounding sounds, then process them further, so the brain recognizes these sounds. In addition, the hearing organ also has other functions that are no less important, such as maintaining body balance. No wonder when a person experiences hearing loss due to ear infections, tinnitus, barotrauma, or Meniere's disease, in addition to experiencing hearing loss, that person can also experience headaches and staggering. Understanding Ear Anatomy The ear anatomy has at least three main parts, the outer part of which consists of the auricle and ear canal. The middle part contained hammer bone (malleus), base bone (incus), and stirrup bone (stapes). Furthermore, the inside consisting of the cochlea, vestibulum, and three semicircular or semicircular channels. The way this ear works begins when the external ear organ, the earlobe picks up the sound around yo

This is How to Reduce Cholesterol Easily

Cholesterol is needed by the body to build healthy body cells and produce hormones. However, cholesterol levels that are too high in the blood increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Understand how to reduce cholesterol easily naturally through healthy eating and lifestyle. High cholesterol can cause fat deposits in blood vessels. These deposits will inhibit the flow in arteries. As a result, important organs in the body do not get enough oxygen-rich blood intake. Deposits of fat in blood vessels also increase a person's risk of having a heart attack, coronary heart disease, angina, and heart failure. Meanwhile, reduced blood flow to the brain can cause strokes. Most people with high cholesterol have an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, often eating saturated fatty foods, consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, and rarely exercising. However, high cholesterol can also be caused by heredity, aka inheriting it from parents. How to Reduce Cholesterol Easily For people w